Application Forms and Supporting Documents

Municipal Police

Here you can find out all the procedures and the necessary supporting documents concerning the Municipal Police.
The competent department of the Municipality of Kavala owns the responsibility for the correctness / completeness of the information provided.

Submission of objections

According to the current Highway Code (Law 2696/99 article 104, paragraph 2, as amended by Law 3542/07), the offender has the right to appeal within three days, commencing on the day following that the attestation was issued, in order to submit its objections. If no objections are raised or the objections are rejected, the administrative fine shall be validated by the Head of the Authority and shall be paid in half within 10 calendar days of the day on which the breach was established or the whole of the deadline.
Required application forms
  1. Any document, attestation or other supporting document that substantiates what the citizen invokes as a reason for canceling the fine established against her/him and which constitutes a legitimate reason for the annulment of that fine.
  2. Application Form of objection
Related office
Independent Department of Municipal Police Unity of Kavala 2513 500220, 221