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The Municipality today

CCRE5519-4-edt-2.jpg   The Municipality of Kavala spans an area of 350 square kilometers in the north-eastern part of Greece, with a population of 70,501 inhabitants within its administrative boundaries and a population density of 200 inhabitants / km2. Most residents live in the city of Kavala (56,000), which brings together the administrative functions that serve all residents of Kavala Regional Unity. The average age of the population is 43 years old.
The average temperature in the region is slightly above 15 degrees C. The municipality is located in the western part of the Region of Eastern Macedonia and Thrace and its economy is mainly based in the Services sector (77%), while the other two sectors (secondary 12.5% and primary 10.5%) are not so significant. Tourism, agriculture, fishing and quarrying alongside an important public sector are the main activities of the residents. The scenic and amphitheatric Kavala, along with its neighboring island, Thassos, are on the northern border of the Aegean Sea and are the most touristic destinations of the region.
The Municipality of Kavala resulted from the merger of the former Municipality of Kavala and the Municipality of Philippi. It consists of the Municipal Section of Kavala and the Municipal Section of Philippi that includes a total of 26 settlements. Its geomorphology varies, combining mountainous, lowlands and seaside areas with rich flora and fauna, a variety of ecosystems and the protected area of "Palio Bay - Ormos Eleutheras", which belongs to the NATURA 2000 network.CCRE5304-3-edt.jpg
   The Municipality of Kavala plays the role of the gateway to the trans-European axes for the Aegean Sea and the center of international trade routes for the Balkans. It has also been recognized as an interregional-gateway with an international role through its airport, the Egnatia Motorway and the vertical axis from Bulgaria via the Exohition border station and its harbors. Both existing and planned transport infrastructures favor its development and can bring significant economic benefits to the region.
Existing health and welfare facilities and organizations, such as the General Hospital of Kavala, the Mental Health Center and the Counseling Center for Women Victims of Violence in the Municipality of Kavala, serve the needs of the citizens and visitors of the Municipality and the wider region.
The education and lifelong learning infrastructures of the Municipality are highly developed and cover all levels of education. Higher education operates at TEI. East Macedonia and Thrace with two Faculties, namely, Technological Applications and Administration and Economics with valuable academic research work and an active role in the development of both  local society and the wider region.
   CCRE6252-2-edt.jpg The Municipality of Kavala, in accordance with the requirements of e-Government and transparency, uses all appropriate means and appropriate and constantly updated ICT to provide quality services to its citizens and visitors, indicatively mentioning the Syzefxis National Network, the Fiber Optic Network (MAN), the City website, the Voice Request System, the Interactive e-Participation Platform and the Traffic Management and Tracking Platform.
Kavala and its region in the past have left a significant cultural heritage. Prehistoric settlements, rock paintings, important archaeological sites with crested the inclusion of the Archaeological Site of Philippi in the UNESCO monuments list, part of ancient Egnatia, historical events such as the battle of Philippi, the arrival of the Apostle Paul, baptism of the first European Christians, the establishment of the first Christian church in Europe, museums, historical archives, plenty of monuments and historic buildings, traditional villages, both tangible and intangible remnants of a once multicultural society, conducting mega-events and other cultural and sporting events and a remarkable modern cultural creation make up its rich and multipurpose cultural figure.

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